Shi - Way of the Warrior 1

Front cover T5Y002 Back Cover First Page "Fate!"

March 1994 - Tucci Cover 
Tucci: Story, script, and pencils. 
Barry Orkin: colors. 
Peter Gutierrez:  script


See the Lithograph, and the poster

Barry Orkin back cover illustration. 
John & Mary Beth Tartaglione - production. 
(She did the lettering on the first razor/shi)

Some flack in some publications for starting with a nude image. 

Harvey Mercadoocasio: Inks

The copyright in the lower left hand corner says Tucci/Orkin, 1993.  The same art was used for the cover of the alternate German edition. Appears below as the cover of the re-issued ashcan
Fan Appreciation Editions
April 1995   T5Y11

 The "virgin" fan appreciation cover


The virgin edition with a gold fold logo (scanned sort of black)   T5Y12 Antiquities Edition - issued in early 2002
  this is a poster   #52/199 - $ 100 retail

Centerfolds - found in the fan appreciation issues
Tucci Silvestri Tucci/Palmiotti
  Silvestri alternate cover to WOTW 5 note there are 5 fingers, plus a thumb, on the right hand.  Seems to me this happened elsewhere with Billy.

This is the cover for the WOTW TPB


Commemorative/Ashcan - B&W interior
August 1994.  There is a lithograph version



the ashcan Ashcan reissued in 2000- same interior.  #276 of 399.  Faded colors are not well represented here.

German Edition    

November 1998 

Credits read a little different - Gutierrez is listed as co-author. unsigned, and 09/200, 32/200

Inks are by Orkin (1-4, 9), Mercadoocasio (5, 8, 10-32), and Tucci

German Centerfolds

The WOTW 3 wrap-around cover as a poster

The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics unless otherwise indicated.

Just for fun - take a look at Deborah Tucci (or Mrs.  William Tucci, if you like),  posing for the first cover (from boom boom- link broke)

Deborah Tucci


Mandy Amano is a friend of Billy's and modeled not only for that cover, but also for the cover of Ju-Nen #4:  Yah. The most obvious differences are the part in her lips & the sword. The sword has several differences... the shape of the Tsuba(hand guard), the Kashira(butt cap) on one & the kabuto-gane (same but longer) on the other, the Tsuka-Ito (handle braid) is 11 on one handle & 14 on the other, one has a minor Fuchi (collar) built into the tsuba while the other has a proper Fuchi @ the base of the Tsuka. It almost looks like a Katana was used in one & a Tachi was used in the other, but that could be my imagination. If you examine real close, you'll notice several of the hairs hanging in front are different as well. Her left eyebrow is more pronounced in the graphite & the shape @ the outside edge (I know there is a term in modeling for it) of the right brow differs slightly.  




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