Big Posters

 Wizard posters,    lithographs, WOTW lithographs, YOTD lithographs

 I snapped some of these with my electronic camera - not real happy with the quality, 

but here they are. In several cases, I've gone to the Crusade page to get something a little cleaner.

wotw 1 wotw 10 - Tomoe Tears wotw 5 Illustrated Warrior 5- Shi Requiem
      also a lithograph
WOTW 1   6 foot door poster from 2004(?) , "Sashimono"

Virgin Fan Edition ü   also a lithograph Tucci & Sparacio ü


Tiger, Senryaku tiger baby (2 signed)

2 ft x 6ft

and there is a lithograph  also - the unlabeled version

and recently reissued   

Billy and a fan (kikuchiyo) at ComiCon, San Diego, 2003. 



Movie Poster


Jusko, Senryaku
  Tucci Cover also a lithograph
cyblade shi, and tempest

Frank Frazetta

 Crimson Plague by George Pérez

see WOTW 4

  Senryaku TPB Cover

pinup from 1996 according to web site.  The posters were given away at The New York International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creators Convention 2003.  Offered by Diamond in 2000.

Year of the Serpent (w/o labels that are on the real poster) Grifter  

William Tucci: "This poster has funny story behind it.  To be honest, I had received complaints that its predecessor, the Shi-Fifth Anniversary Poster depicting Ana in full make-up and adorned with her sohei armor, "didn't show enough skin."  Hence, the tango dagger, the entwined serpent and the skin."

War (2)  misc atomic angels
This was used as the cover for German WOTW 10 - part 2    


"halogram" - from the 5-year anniversary Dark Horse Poster Black, White, & Red

  A fancy linen one was put out - 200 or so signed and numbered.  I have one. 24 X  362

some I don't have

5 Year Anniversary Illustrated Warrior 1 Shi Mask
    From the Heaven & Earth virgin cover

Wizard posters,    lithographs, WOTW lithographs, YOTD lithographs
 The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics,
unless otherwise indicated.


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