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Way of the Warrior - same size as comic page

Shi #1 set, 

Litho # 1833/2500;

Harvey Mercadoocasio art.  Goes with the design of the WOTW 1 commemorative ashcan.

Shi # 2 Set, Litho # 884/2500

Shi #3,

litho #s 523 and 773

Shi #4 Set, # 701/1000 Shi #5 Set, # 874/2000 Shi #6 Set, #515/1000


Harvey Mercadoocasio This lithograph by "Buzz" was a centerfold in WOTW2


somehow, I bought #9 and #17 of 24 Signed, #45/500

This is a limited commemorative print of Shi, which is limited to 500 pieces which was used as a signed collectible when the inker, Harvey Mercodoocasio visited Weiners store in 1996. It was signed by Harvey and limited to 29 pieces. It measures 6.5 x 10.5 by Tucci and Nelson Asencio Signed by Both

original from ebay

See also the Wizard Posters

with thanks to Bullet Proof Comics, Brooklyn, NY which issued these in sets


Apparently from an "East Coast Tour" in the fall of 1996, focusing on four (4) stores in the Philadelphia area Closeup on the poster to the left.

new - 2006?

don't have

Illustrated warrior #6 lithograph.

Signed by Billy on May 2, 2004.  The "to" was covered over with white-out.

For more artwork, see the Art of War page2

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