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From the  Shi Senryaku cover, by Joe Jusko,

 # 221/299

also a poster



Alex Ross image - used on the Shi Battlebook - Spirit of Benkei, # 062/500

WOTW 12:

This is the matte version scanned - there is a glossy version, also. #129/500 

(glossy, #087/500)


Not quite sure where to put this - but this is by Michael Bair - don't know much about him.  1996 date sort of makes it WOTW era

Delvie notes that it is from Senryaku and the Visions of the Golden Empire card set

Mabel Shi  - from a 6 ft poster

need to scan

    Tomoe's Bliss" graced the cover to Crusade’s “Shi - The Illustrated Warrior #6.  Billy is reissuing - I have one of the early ones - rest of the batch apparently lost in shipping back from a convention.
Heaven & Earth (4) Lady and the Tiger Shi Akai
  there is a poster  


These 4 are from the Battlebooks

Elektra - 11x17

have this one

don't have the other 3




Ju-nen  - have not scanned any of these yet.

Anna Sui - alternate cover to Shi Ju-nen 1.  purchased #47/250.


Shi Ju-nen 2 - cover, convention 'poster' looks a little different -- I have the signed lithograph.

shi Ju-nen 4 cover and poster- not scanned yet

trade paperback cover - number 66 of 250, signed by Billy Tucci and Painter Extraordinaire' Mark Sparacio -

Illustrated Warrior  - quite a confusing variety of these have come up in the last year....


Illustrated Warrior - mine does not have the shi symbol in the background,  it is signed, numbered #032 out of 250 editions.   chatted with Billy via e-mail - some confusion on my part as to which version this is.

The version with the red dress is the cover for the Illustrated Warrior Trade Paperback. I've ordered the "Artist Proof' - numbered 001-050.


Shi -Requiem For The Soul Edition" ARTIST'S PROOF, Numbered 39 of only 50 EDITIONS

Illustrated warrior 5 cover 

also a poster , and there is a second version with a red dress, which I have.

(Shi Requiem Coral Edition Lithograph
Limited Edition ARTIST PROOF




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